Florida Post Judgment Collections Attorney

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Sometimes a case is not over after you win a judgment. Until you have been paid according to the Court’s order, you may still need to fight for what you are due. Post judgment actions are sometimes required to enforce a court-ordered award. Post judgment collections lawyer Arthur S. Weitzner is experienced in debt collections. He can help you secure the payments you are entitled to and deserve.

Post judgment collection actions can be warranted in any type of case, including family law cases. Among a variety of cases, Arthur S. Weitzner, P.A. commonly represents other lawyers and professionals who are owed money from clients. There are numerous post-judgment collection remedies available, including but not limited to:

  • Wage Deductions (Garnishment) — A certain percentage of a debtor’s earnings are deducted by the debtor’s employer and sent to the creditor until the debt is repaid.
  • Non-Wage Garnishment — Money belonging to or owed to the debtor is taken from a third party. Most commonly this refers to taking money from the debtor’s bank account.
  • Lien on Real Estate — A lien on real estate property gives the creditor the right have the property sold to satisfy the judgment under certain circumstances.

Attorneys Weitzner is familiar with all of the post judgment collection options available under Florida law. He can work with you to recover the money that is owed to you so that you can move on.

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